What Are the Priorities of the Park Avenue Synagogue?

It seems that enhancing the educational levels of his congregation is a priority for Penn in his term as Park Avenue Synagogue Chairman of the Board.

He has launched a fresh initiative called Congregational School Visioning process that they have undertaken recently. This program is supported by a key consultant after which his team has created a fresh version of their Congregational School. He said that this program will focus on five key areas:

Improvement of the core curriculum

  • To encourage a stronger Hebrew reading to encourage learners to actively participate in prayer services.
  • To ensure teacher and teaching excellence
    Improvement of communications and the clarification of expectations

Shifting of the educational curriculum to the K-12 model
Penn said that they are eager to implement this vision and looking forward to its success.

Meanwhile, he mentioned that they are not neglecting the concerns of their teens. He said that there is already an increased number of teens that are involved in their educational programs. This was made possible by the teens’ trip to L.A. in February, the Teen Appreciation Shabbat and the Senior Seminar with Rabbi Cosgrove.

  • Travel education is another topic that Penn discussed in his 135th annual address.

This program began about 15 years ago, according to Penn, and has now increased to the point that it is contributing to the deepening and broadening of their members’ bond with their communities. He also mentioned the trip that that some of the synagogue’s members made in Budapest and Prague and the ever popular trip to Israel in relation to Bar Mitzvah in December.

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