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Penn Is Also Dedicated To His Religion

Apart from his business successes, Penn does not forget to give credit to his God. He is a dedicated to his Synagogue the Park Avenue Synagogue, of which he is the current Chairman of the Board.

The Park Avenue Synagogue is located in Manhattan, New York City.

Its public information website says that its members call it “The Association of the Righteous.” The information says that it was established in 1882 and is considered as a Conservative congregation. According to this information, this synagogue has grown from its humble beginnings to be one of the Conservative movement’s leading congregations.

In the address that he has given during the 135th Annual Meeting of the Park Avenue Synagogue, Penn said that this congregation is seeking to educate, support and inspire its membership to live Jewish lives that are full of passion.

He wants the members of his Synagogue to encourage deep connections with each other, their God and the Torah, Israel and its people by way of acts of kindness to each other, observance of its tenets, personal study and spirited prayer.

Penn also enjoins his brethren and members to practice Judaism that is characterized by joy, compassion, reverence, literacy, and love. He wants the member of Park Avenue Synagogue to make their old traditions welcoming and compelling to modern Jews and for them to function as examples to the nations as well as to their fellow Jews.

In his address at the synagogue’s 135th annual meeting, Penn also commended the lay membership saying that although their institution is already old and ancient, its professional and lay leadership have continued to launch fresh initiatives and perspectives, and foster excellence and hard work to their members throughout all these years.

He mentioned the programs that the synagogue has been busy implementing to improve their work as a collective body.

Penn said that education is the primary core of their mission. He claimed that their Synagogue enjoyed another year of robust growth in Adult education, with the engagement of hundreds of students in their Shabbaton, Shabbat dinners, lectures, classes and similar learning activities. Arthur Penn also revealed that they have envisioned new programs for their Lifelong Learning Center, to be the venue for educational and learning vehicle for all ages.