Pennant Park Work

Penn’s Work At Pennant Park

At Pennant Park Investment Corp., Penn holds the distinguished position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

He established this company at the start of 2007. In this company, he gets himself directly involved in activities such as monitoring and managing investments, consummating business deals, negotiating contracts, structuring organizations and businesses, and originating business enterprises and concepts.

His other company, Pennant Park Investment Advisers, LLC is a leading provider of flexible and creative capital solutions for a broad range of capital structures to middle-market companies.

This company’s specialties are in the areas of:

  • Specialty Finance
  • Private Debt
  • Middle Market Direct Lending
  • Alternative Asset Management

It employs a staff that is composed of 35 professionals, who works at their headquarters office located in New York City. Pennant Park Investment Advisers also has branch offices in London, Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Currently, this firm is managing a total of $2.1 billion across a wide range of development companies and publicly-listed business enterprises.

These development companies include Pennant Park Floating Rate Capital Ltd. and Pennant Park Investment Corporation. It also manages the interests of private instruments intended for institutional limited partners such as co-investment vehicles, multi-managed accounts and the Pennant Park Credit Opportunities Fund II, LP – “PCOF II.”

Penn is also the leader of the senior team at Arthur Penn Pennant Park which is composed of professionals with extensive experience and which has a proven history of coalescing together seamlessly and effectively in performing their individual tasks.

Since the team was created in Dec. 21, 2016, their investments have already totaled to more than $5.7 billion comprising approximately 482 deals over a wide range of industries and businesses including that of business services, energy, defense, aerospace, telecommunications and media concerns, technology, transportation and logistics, gaming and lodging, healthcare, manufacturing concerns and basic industries, distribution, consumer products and many more.